1917.118(d) Ladder specifications. The ladder is composed of standardized elements of 11 ft or 3.36 m maximal length, which are assembled to the desired length. All products with ANY of the selected attributes will be returned as matches. **All measurements in the table below are represented in inches, pounds and $USD. Choose from caged ladders with and without walk thru and with left or right entry. Stringers – C3 x 1.50” x .130”. Weight capacity is the maximum safe working load a ladder is designed to support. A single section ladder is a one piece ladder section that has no additional support structure. Our experienced sales technicians are committed to provide you with fast, responsible, and reliable service, including a professional consultation to determine the products needed and create a custom solution for your business. Rungs – 1.5” diameter extruded pipe rungs, non-slip per OSHA. In specifying an aluminum or carbon steel ladder design, always specify a fixed ladder design that incorporates recognized codes/standards and high quality component features. ANSI A14.3 Safety Requirements for Fixed Ladders C. ASTM Standards 1. Fixed Steel Ladders with Walk Thru Handrails. We also create custom designs to meet specific building codes and customer needs. (OSHA) (3) A fixed ladder must be securely held in place at the top and bottom and at any intermediate points that are necessary to prevent sway in the ladder. © Copyright 2021 GlobalSpec - All rights reserved. Per OSHA 1910.23(b)(4) Ladder rungs, steps, and cleats have a minimum clear width of 16 inches (measured before installation of ladder safety systems) for fixed ladders. User may specify either, both, or neither of the "At Least" and "No More Than" values. A platform ladder has a platform for standing integrated into the ladder design. Telescopic ladders have telescoping functionality. We have the capability build these to any height your facility requires. ASTM A123 Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coating on Iron and Steel … (OSHA) guard fabricator: Party responsible for providing fabricated guards for platforms in accordance with contract documents. Fax us your request at (888) 909-6780. Fiberglass is strong, durable, and impervious to many caustics and extreme temperatures; fiberglass fabrics are widely used in industry. Find Ladders on GlobalSpec by specifications. 1.2 Nonferrous ladders and special-purpose ladders are excluded from this specification. Cage Systems – Mid Hoop – 3” x .25” flat bar. FIXED LADDERS. It is malleable when under suitable conditions, and is distinguished from cast iron by its malleability and lower carbon content. We have the capability build these to any height your facility requires. Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems, Material Handling and Packaging Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, MATERIAL HANDLING AND PACKAGING EQUIPMENT, 75mm MTW Flight for M2540 Radius Flush Grid Belts, Habasit Cone Top food belt for wet food cutting, View More Product Announcements for Ladders. -Galvanized finish 3/4″ corrugated steel round climbing rungs on 12″ centers. Please call for additional options or custom designs. Our dedicated staff can assist you from concept to completion in a timely fashion. Walk Thru Handrail. We have the manufacturing capability to build these to any height requested by the customer. Lightweight and modular, fixed commercial ladders are available with a directional platform, ladder cage and door. After a certain height, depending on your building codes, a cage is required for added safety. Side Step Fixed Steel Access Ladders are designed to help access docks and loading bays. Standard vertical ladders and caged ladders are typically seen on the sides of buildings and are used to access rooftops. Click any picture or title for pricing and complete specifications. FIXED ACCESS LADDER Ideal for access to roof, mezzanine or loading dock. 2.4: RL40 SERIES CAGED ACCESS LADDERS: A. Modular Caged Aluminum Fixed Ladder for safe access to elevated areas. MP Industries, Inc. offers a wide array of fixed dock ladders to satisfy a variety of applications. Series F and Series M modular fixed steel ladders are available with and without walk-thru handrails at the top land-ing surface. Chain ladder have vertical uprights made of chain. 1917.118(d)(1)- Our HD FRP fixed ladders exceed 1200 lbs duty rating giving you the strength to last against heavy loads over a long period of time. Ladders shall be capable of supporting their maximum intended load. Wood is a hard, fibrous substance, which composes the body of a tree and its branches. Steel is a commercial iron that contains carbon in any amount up to about 1.7 percent as an essential alloying constituent. OSHA requires safety cages on ladder heights exceeding 20'. Crossover ladders are used as a bridge over a, obstacle, such a conveyor or other process line.

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