AT 10200 - Aviation Business . The Polytechnic protects Purdue! Purdue students interested in changing their major should meet with their current academic advisor to discuss their options and begin the online process. Not all courses are offered every semester, and faculty teaching particular courses … NOTE: To search for a group of courses within a number range (such as 30000 level), enter an asterisk to note the unspecified value in the course code or number field. At the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, you’ll discover how to harness the power of technology to have an immediate impact. Protect yourself, protect others and protect Purdue. From making a smartphone brilliant to creating video games to improve a child’s health, technology is the springboard for faster, greener and healthier solutions. Certified Ethical Hacker Webinars CompTIA Security+ Certified Ethical Hacker Digital Forensics Social Engineering. Previously, all general education courses were delivered to students via IU Kokomo faculty. The STEM-focused schools provide students with experiences including internships, industry projects, dual-credit courses and technical certifications. Students will network with other co-op students, share and learn about work experiences. AT 10300 - Aerospace Vehicle Propulsion And Tracking Systems . Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute (Purdue Polytechnic) is receiving support from major technology companies for the college’s Smart Manufacturing program and facilities. PTEC 20602 - ePortfolio IV . An equal access/equal opportunity university. “Our students will have a foresight of resources and individual support needed in a rigorous system. Click here to see a list of all courses. If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please contact ITaP Customer Service at [email protected] Systems include electric power distribution, digital data, instrumentation, hydraulic, pneumatic, environmental, flight management, and autoflight. These courses are available to engineering and polytechnic students participating in Purdue’s co-op program. Self Help Knowledgebase | For assisted support: [email protected] or 765-494-4000 Purdue University is an equal access/equal opportunity university. Catalog > Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Back to Main Categories. PTEC 10800 - Guided Exploration . The University Catalog lists all courses that pertain to the West Lafayette campus.In order to view courses that are available at a given time, and the details of such courses, please visit the myPurdue Schedule of Classes. Not all courses are offered every semester, and faculty teaching particular courses or programs may vary from time to time. Protect yourself, protect others and protect Purdue. PTEC 20800 - Formation And Immersion CS 55500 or CS 35500 and (CS 52600 or CNIT 55500) PHIL 52400 or PHIL 41100 or PHIL 42400 or PHIL 62400† or TECH 62100 IAE† POL 62000 †—or equivalents; e.g. Purdue Polytechnic Institute; College of Science; College of Veterinary Medicine; Honors College; The Graduate School; Courses. CHART YOUR COURSE AND SOAR. Security and Privacy Policy. The college includes seven academic schools, departments, and divisions: Aviation and Transportation Technology; Engineering Technology; Computer and Information Technology AT 10600 - Basic Aircraft Science Purdue University is offering new cybersecurity short courses in social engineering and digital forensics as part of a growing suite of offerings through the Purdue Polytechnic Institute’s Cyber Education Network Training Resources (CENTR). All courses focus on real-world knowledge relating to the management, development and innovation of new technologies that can be directly applied to solving business and industry problems. For the last two months, students have taken more classes and programs than Purdue Polytechnic has ever offered before in Kokomo, including calculus, physics, chemistry and several humanities courses. Course Requirements: ... Purdue Polytechnic Institute Undergraduate Studies College Advisors . We empower students to have both a voice and choice to discover their passion, follow their own interests and pursue their own goals.. At Purdue Polytechnic High School, our students think outside the box by learning outside of the traditional classroom. The Polytechnic protects Purdue! Labs: KNOY 306. Steve Wanders, Assistant Director for Cooperative Education, provides information regarding Co-Op opportunities for students in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. Purdue University is a public land-grant research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the flagship campus of the Purdue University system. Purdue Polytechnic High Schools (PPHS) are free, public charter schools open to all high school students in Indiana. These experiences include internships, industry projects, dual credit courses and technical certifications. Below is also a complete listing of approved Purdue West Lafayette courses that may be used for meeting foundational learning outcomes. If you have trouble accessing this page because of a disability, please contact the Purdue Polytechnic at [email protected], An equal access/equal opportunity university. This course is offered by the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. Advising Office Location: Knoy Hall, 3rd Floor. It was renamed College of Technology in 2005, and in 2015, the Board of Trustees approved its current name in support of the college’s transformation and as part of President Mitch Daniels’ Purdue Moves initiative. ECET 10300 - Topics In Electrical Technology, ECET 10700 - Introduction To Circuit Analysis, ECET 12000 - Gateway To Electrical Engineering Technology, ECET 17700 - Data Acquisition And Systems Control, ECET 17900 - Introduction To Digital Systems, ECET 22000 - Professional Career Development, ECET 27000 - Electronics Prototype Development And Construction, ECET 29900 - Selected Electrical Engineering Technology Subjects, ECET 30201 - Introduction To Industrial Controls, ECET 31100 - Electrical Systems And Signals In Healthcare, ECET 31410 - Military RF Electronic Applications, ECET 31800 - Foundations Of Audio Electronics, ECET 32100 - Introduction To Nanotechnology, ECET 32300 - Introduction To Electric Vehicle Systems, ECET 32700 - Instrumentation And Data Acquisition Design, ECET 32900 - Advanced Embedded Digital Systems, ECET 33300 - Power Electronics In Energy Systems, ECET 33500 - Computer Architecture And Performance Evaluation, ECET 33700 - Continuous Systems Analysis And Design, ECET 34101 - Biocompatability And Bio-Issues, ECET 35901 - Computer Based Data Acquisition Applications, ECET 36400 - Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics, ECET 36900 - Applied Computer Vision For Sensing And Automation, ECET 37201 - Continuous Control Electronics, ECET 37401 - Digital Communication Systems, ECET 38001 - Global Professional Issues In Engineering Technology, ECET 38501 - Introduction To Automotive Electronics Lecture, ECET 38502 - Introduction To Automotive Electronics Laboratory, ECET 38600 - Building Electrical Codes And Standard Practices, ECET 39000 - Lab Assistant In Electrical Engineering Technology, ECET 42301 - Electrical Vehicle Integration And Fabrication, ECET 42800 - Audio Electronics-Selected Topics, ECET 43000 - Electrical And Electronic Product And Program Management, ECET 43100 - International Capstone Project Planning And Design, ECET 43600 - Electrical Power Transmissions, Distribution, And Smart Control, ECET 43900 - Advanced Digital Signal Processing, ECET 44400 - Wireless Systems: Design And Measurement, ECET 46000 - Project Design And Development, ECET 46100 - International Capstone Project Execution, ECET 49500 - Intensive Project Design/Development, ECET 49600 - Project Design and Development, Phase I, ECET 49700 - Project Design And Development, Phase II, ECET 49900 - Electrical Engineering Technology, ENGT 10100 - Industrial Technology Biotechnical Studies, ENGT 10200 - Industrial Technology Aerospace Studies, ENGT 10300 - Industrial Technology Exploring Civil Engineering And Architecture, ENGT 10500 - Industrial Technology Introduction To Design, ENGT 10600 - Industrial Technology Digital Electronics, ENGT 10700 - Industrial Technology Principles Of Engineering, ENGT 10800 - Industrial Technology Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, ENGT 10900 - Industrial Technology Engineering Design And Development, ENGT 18000 - Engineering Technology Foundations, ENGT 18100 - Engineering Technology Applications, ENGT 22670 - Sustainable Energy Technologies: An International Perspective, ENGT 29900 - Engineering Technology Project, ENGT 39000 - Special Topics In Engineering Technology, ENGT 39900 - Engineering Technology Project, ENGT 48000 - Engineering Technology Capstone I, ENGT 48100 - Engineering Technology Capstone II, ENGT 49000 - Special Topics In Engineering Technology, ENGT 49900 - Engineering Technology Project, IET 11100 - Introduction To Manufacturing And Supply Chain Systems, IET 19000 - Topics In Industrial Technology, IET 21400 - Introduction To Supply Chain Management Technology, IET 23500 - Introduction To Lean And Sustainable Systems, IET 29000 - Experimental Design - Conventional Methods, IET 29100 - Experimental Design - Taguchi Methods, IET 31300 - Technology Innovation And Integration: Bar Codes To Biometrics, IET 33100 - Advanced Industrial Safety And Health Management, IET 33400 - Economic Analysis For Technology Systems, IET 33520 - Human Factors For Technology Systems, IET 34200 - Warehouse And Inventory Management, IET 34250 - Purchasing And Contract Management, IET 34300 - Technical And Service Selling, IET 34350 - Business To Business Sales Management, IET 41300 - Problem-Solving With Automatic Data Collection, IET 41400 - Financial Analysis For Technology Systems, IET 43530 - Operations Planning And Management, IET 43540 - Facilities Planning And Material Handling, IET 44275 - Global Transportation And Logistics Management, IET 44500 - Strategic Supply Chain Management, IET 45100 - Monetary Analysis For Industrial Decisions, IET 48390 - Industrial Engineering Technology Capstone I: Problem Identification And Analysis, IET 48395 - Industrial Engineering Technology Capstone II: Project Design, IET 48490 - Supply Chain Management Technology Capstone I: Strategic Planning, IET 48495 - Supply Change Management Technology Capstone II: Strategic Analytics, IET 49000 - Special Topics In Industrial Engineering Technology, MET 09000 - Industrial Applications Of Mechanical Engineering Technology, MET 10200 - Production Design And Specifications, MET 16000 - Analytical And Computational Tools In MET, MET 16200 - Computational Analysis Tools In MET, MET 16300 - Computer Application Tools In MET, MET 16400 - Computing In Engineering Technology, MET 21100 - Applied Strength Of Materials, MET 28400 - Introduction To Industrial Controls, MET 29900 - Mechanical Engineering Technology, MET 31100 - Experimental Strength Of Materials, MET 31400 - Applications Of Machine Elements, MET 31500 - Applied Mechanism Kinematics And Dynamics, MET 34600 - Advanced Materials In Manufacturing, MET 34900 - Stringed Instrument Design And Manufacture, MET 38200 - Controls And Instrumentation For Automation, MET 39200 - Laboratory Assistant In Engineering Technology, MET 41100 - Introduction To The Finite Element Method, MET 42100 - Air Conditioning And Refrigeration, MET 42200 - Power Plants And Energy Conversion, MET 43200 - Hydraulic Motion Control Systems, MET 43600 - Pneumatic Motion Control Systems, MET 44200 - Plastics Manufacturing Systems, MET 45100 - Manufacturing Quality Control, MET 49900 - Mechanical Engineering Technology, MFET 15900 - Introduction To The Smart Manufacturing Enterprise, MFET 24600 - High Performance Manufacturing, MFET 28800 - Smart Manufacturing Operational And Information Networks, MFET 29000 - Special Topics In Manufacturing Engineering Technology, MFET 29200 - Projects In Automation, Robotics And Mechatronics, MFET 29900 - Manufacturing Engineering Technology Independent Project, MFET 30000 - Applications Of Automation In Manufacturing, MFET 34200 - Advanced Manufacturing Processes And Practices, MFET 34400 - Automated Manufacturing Processes, MFET 34800 - Advanced Industrial Robotics, MFET 35800 - Smart Manufacturing And The Global Economy, MFET 39200 - Advanced Projects In Automation, Robotics, And Mechatronics, MFET 40000 - Computer Integrated Manufacturing, MFET 44600 - Advanced Manufacturing Operations, MFET 44800 - Integrated Materials Handling And Facilities Planning, MFET 45100 - Manufacturing Quality Control, MFET 47400 - Manufacturing Integration II, MFET 47500 - Advanced Manufacturing Networks, MFET 48000 - Project Planning For Integration, MFET 48100 - Integration Of Manufacturing Systems, MFET 49000 - Special Topics In Manufacturing Engineering Technology, MFET 49900 - Manufacturing Engineering Technology Independent Project.

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