Country of Origin: Australia. The key ingredient in lemon myrtle is the high concentration of citral in its leaves. Let steep for 5 minutes then remove the leaves. In cooking, Lemon Myrtle can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. ( 1 ) Mix a few drops of this oil with vinegar and tea tree to create a spray that … Australian Lemon Myrtle. Lemon Myrtle has been found to have the following health benefits: 1. 2-3 teaspoons of lemon myrtle loose-leaf tea 1/3 cup full cream milk 220 grams butter, unsalted and room temp 3 1/2 cups icing sugar, sifted. Weight Choose an option 50g/1.76oz 100g/3.52oz 100g/3.52oz + Specialty Tin Clear Love a hint of lemon? The versatility of Lemon Myrtle. Add the fresh lemon myrtle leaves to a teapot and pour the hot water. Count on 50 grams = 50 cups of zesty, relaxing tea. 1. Therefore, the distilled essential oil from the lemon myrtle plant has significant antifungal and antimicrobial characteristics. Lemon myrtle tea is absolutely capable of causing dehydration in the body, and this may appear due to drinking such tea quite frequently. Ingredients: Certified Organic Lemon Myrtle. Bring to the boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Ingredients: Lemon Myrtle leaves Product of Australia . 2. Certified organic, the essential oils in the leaves are the world’s richest known natural source of citral (90-98%). It is a popular native food and has a wide range of uses. Lemon Myrtle is notable because it contains the highest purity of citral of any of the citrus herbs and fruits. PURE AUSTRALIAN LEMON MYRTLE. Lemon Myrtle leaf makes a pleasant tasting tea, alone or in combination with green tea can be a refreshing and delicious substitute for coffee or black tea. Lemon myrtle, scientific name Backhousia citriodora, is an evergreen tree native to Queensland, Australia.Lemon myrtle has an intensely lemony aroma, and for this reason, it is used both as a tea on its own and in herbal blends with other herbs and/or true teas. Place all the ingredients and 800 ml water in a saucepan. Considered the “queen” of the lemon herbs, Lemon Myrtle is undoubtedly one of the most popular Australian native herbs. MANLY, New South Wales, Australia – As native flavours grow in popularity in Australia, lemon myrtle and specifically lemon myrtle tea is emerging as a potential stand-out for international export. Lemon myrtle shares the antibacterial properties of lemon and tea tree oil and has been shown to be effective against even new strains of staph and many foodborne diseases. For use in cooking dry leaves can be crushed or ground and used to add flavor in spice rubs, marinades, … Lemon Myrtle Tea - Keep Calm and Drink Tea: Home & Kitchen. Be the first to review “LEMON MYRTLE TEA” Cancel reply. 4.6 out of 5 stars 32. In some situations, this kind of liquid works as an excellent diuretic. Join the Zero Waste Movement Now! It has a fresh aroma of citrus, with delicate menthol essence and a strong lemon flavour, which is sweet and refreshing. We make Lemon Myrtle tea everyday – it is very uplifting. All you have to do is to pick a handful of fresh leaves from the bush and put into a tea pot. If you want to get the most out of the benefits of lemon myrtle tea, while enjoying the lemon … 99 ($14.99/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Lemon Myrtle is a native Australian plant that belongs to the Mrytacae family. Pour tea into cups, add lemon … Buy Herbal Billy Lemon Myrtle Tea from The Source Bulk Foods Online Store or At One of our 50 Stores in Australia. Try our Green Tea & Lemon Myrtle today! Lemon myrtle is reportedly the most concentrated source of a chemical compound called plant citral. In fact, this is one of lemon myrtle’s most popular uses. Your email address will not be published. 8 lemon myrtle leaves 2 cups of water Lemon slices Teapot Cups Instructions. It is with no exaggeration when we say this is our favorite lemon tea. Lemon Tea Myrtle Body Bar A natural vegetable goats milk soap loaded with lemon myrtle essential oil and tea leaves, which contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and May 17, 2015 - Packed with vitamins and lemon myrtle essential oil; reinvigorate, revitalise, soften your skin and fight acne with a natural and handmade soap. Listed weight is the shipping weight 100% Certified Organic Australian Grown Lemon Myrtle Tea: A highly sought after, refreshing and fragrant herbal tea, lemon myrtle has many uses and health benefits most commonly used to help with common digestive problems. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated, so it goes without saying that we’d showcase one of our country’s greatest native flavours. Lemon Myrtle tea — a wonderful and refreshing taste. This adds a gorgeous lemony lift much the same as lemon grass. A high percentage of citrol gives this tea a stronger lemon flavor than lemongrass. add a pinch of lemon myrtle to your black tea before brewing. Its flavour if particularly suited to an extensive range of food and beverages. Tooth Erosion. Herbal Billy Lemon Myrtle Tea Herbal Billy Lemon Myrtle Tea Herbal Billy Lemon Myrtle Tea is a wonderful blend of traditional full-bodied black tea with zesty, aromatic lemon myrtle. Skip to main Hello, Sign in. Lemon myrtle can be used to flavor hot or iced tea. Great Option for Lemon Tea Lovers - 25 Tea Bags. Overview Information Myrtle is a plant. It’s refreshing lemon flavour and enough antioxidants to rival black tea has positioned the Australian botanical as a new and unique ingredient for tea blends worldwide. Allow 24-48hrs extra when ordering the tea as we pick our leaves fresh. Pour in the boiling water and let steep for 5 minutes. The active ingredient in Refreshed Lemon Myrtle products is citral (95%) which is a mild antiseptic. Dried Lemon Myrtle leaf is widely used in an array of sweet and savoury foods and beverages, prized for its deep lemon flavour and scent. Lemon myrtle scores a 16 on the Rideal-Walker scale, putting it above the tea tree plant with a score of 11 and the eucalyptus citriodora plant with score of 8. Lemon Myrtle Tea Infusion. Lemon myrtle promotes a healthy immune system It is a highly potent antioxidant that can help fight diseases such as cancer It is high in minerals like calcium zinc and magnesium and it has a healthy helping of vitamins A and E Lemon myrtle has a reputation as a powerful antiseptic - Feature #27 Lemon Myrtle is useful for flavoring food and for making a relaxing cup of tea, add it to salads, stir fries, curries, pasta sauce, spice mixes, tea blends. SKU: 9686 Category: BEVERAGES. If lemon myrtle dried leaves are blended with oolong tea, black tea or green tea, the brewing temperature should be brewed at 85, 100 and 70 degrees respectively. It has a range of uses, such as lemon myrtle flakes in shortbread; flavouring in pasta; whole leaf with baked fish; infused in macadamia or vegetable oils; and made into tea, including tea blends. The concentrated tangy citrus flavour of dried Lemon Myrtle is fabulous infused in tea, served hot or iced. 1 Citral contains potent antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are said to be far more superior to those of terpene hydrocarbons that tea tree oil is so renowned for. Apart from its distinctive refreshing lemony flavour, there are a lot of health reasons why you would want to drink lemon myrtle tea. Shop Heath & Heather Organic Sage & Lemon Myrtle at Holland & Barrett. It creates a frequent urge to urinate by triggering dehydration in the human body. Lemon myrtle has a refreshing flavour and aroma of a blend of lemon, lemongrass and lime. Prime Cart. Of course, as discussed, lemon myrtle makes a great antioxidant herbal tea, which can be served hot or cold. Lemon Myrtle is simply the best lemon tea ever. Lemon myrtle tea infusion contains more total polyphenol antioxidants than many other herbal teas, and has similar antioxidant properties to black tea. The fragrant leaves, which are 2 to 5 inches (5 to 12 centimeters) long, are dark green, glossy, and lanceolate , or lance-shaped. If you prefer a little caffeine then add some lemon myrtle tea to your regular black tea brew. The lemon myrtle tree is generally petite but can occasionally attain a height of over 60 feet (20 meters). LEMON MYRTLE TEA quantity. Bring water to a gentle boil. Stress and Insomnia: Due to its relaxing properties, lemon myrtle has been found to help in cases of stress and poor sleep. Botanical Name: Backhousia citriodora It is citral which gives the product its lemony aroma and special properties. Store in a cool, dry place. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Can be mixed with other teas, or when cooled down try mixing with lemonade or soda water for a truly cool and refreshing drink. Food Uses. Citral comprises 90-98% of the essential oils in lemon myrtle, as opposed to less than 10% in lemons and limes. It can also be used as a lemon flavour replacement in milk -based foods, such as cheesecake , lemon flavoured ice-cream and sorbet without the curdling problem associated with lemon fruit acidity . When you open a Refreshed Lemon Myrtle product the first thing you notice is a crisp lemon scent that leaves you renewed, revitalized, and re-energized. Strong lemon flavor with a smooth and rounded flavor. Required fields are marked * Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. A naturally caffeine free infusion with a zesty aroma and subtly savoury undertones. LEMON MYRTLE TEA $ 16.90 /100g. Widely used to enhance the lemon flavour of herbal teas and provide a richer source of antioxidants than green tea. The fruit, leaves, and branches are used to make medicine. Tea . Add to cart. Organic Australian Lemon Myrtle Tea - More Natural Lemon Flavor than Lemongrass Tea or Lemon Verbena Tea : Grown in Australian Rain Forests. Try. This deliciously lemony tea gets its incredible flavor from dried lemon myrtle leaves. $14.99 $ 14. In sum, lemon myrtle is a fragrant antioxidant herbal supplement that can be used in different ways every day to intensify food flavors, enhance your personal care routine and promote better overall health. The gentle nature of this long lasting soap make it ideal for sensitive skin and its moisturizing qualities make it perfect for use when shaving. Freshly harvested lemon myrtle leaf tea comes in a sealed bag... 50 grams or 100 grams. Lemon Myrtle, also known as Sweet Verbena, is an ingredient from a subtropical plant only found in Australia and has been used for medicine and flavouring in Australia for hundreds of years. Lemon Myrtle Organic - Herbal Tea (Backhousia citriodora) Lemon Myrtle is a uniquely refreshing and exquisitely aromatic “tea”. Lemon Myrtle Tea leaf can be ground to use as spice and flavoring in ice cream, biscuits, confectionery, cheese, vegetable oils and sauces, mayo, tangy dukkah and vinaigrettes and so much more.